Renaissance Blood THD Review

Renaissance Blood THD Review for Windows RT On Microsoft Surface Tablet []


Renaissance Blood THD[$3.99] from Bridea is one of the first FPS games available for Windows RT. Renaissance is one of the first Unreal Engine 3 based games to run on  Windows RT and is sponsored by Nvidia to help show case the power of the Tegra 3, the THD standing for Tegra HD.  It’s an on the rails first person shooter reminiscent of light gun games such as Time Crisis.  Taking place in the Renaissance period as it’s name might suggest, you fight to recover your teacher Da Vincis plans and fight a variety of enemies. [Read more...]

Skulls of The Shogun Game Review

Skulls Of The Shogun Windows RT Game Review on Surface []


Skulls of the Shogun[$9.99] is a turn based action strategy game for Windows RT, Windows Phone, Xbox Live Arcade, and Windows 8.  The game was just recently released by 17 bit studios and is a blast to play.  The game features an excellent musical score with whimsical 2D graphics and takes place in the afterlife of a Japanese Shogun. Multiplayer is included in local as well as  a network based asynchronous play mode.  The game includes Xbox live achievements and Leader boards for all of you who like to bring up your game scores.

A long single player campaign is the main feature of the game and tells the tale of Japanese Shogun Akamoto who was back stabbed as he attempts to conquer the four seasons of the after life to become Shogun of the afterlife itself.  Single player campaign progress is synced via xbox live so you can resume your game from other devices such as on your Windows Phone when on the go.  Check out the game on the Windows Store, a demo version is included along with the pricey main game, but in my opinion the game is well worth it.


Blockworld Preview for Windows RT!

Blockworld Preview for Windows RT on a Microsoft Surface Tablet []


Blockworld is the first sandbox block building game available for Windows RT.  The game is reminiscent of Minecraft, however it is still a work in progress.  Created by 2.0 Studios, the game is also available for Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and Windows PC.  The version available for Windows RT is currently in a basic form however, no survival mode and no multiplayer, hopefully this will be updated soon since the potential is very high.

You can check out the developers website at


Armed! Game Review for Windows RT!

Armed! Review for Windows RT On Surface Tablet []


Armed is a turn based strategy game produced by Sickhead games with a futuristic feel to it.  If Giant fighting robots and hover tanks are your preferred means of destruction, then Armed will hook you right in.  Armed is more of a game of resource management and macro than tactical unit micro.  The game is free to get on the Windows Store, but you will be purchasing a $3.99 core pack to access more maps and remove the annoying ad banners.


Great Big War Game Review for Windows RT!

Great Big War Game Review for Windows RT on Surface Tablet []


Strategy games are one of my favorite genres, from the turn based Civilization series to the real time Starcraft and Warcraft series. I’ve been playing this genre since the original Dune for PC long ago and I’m always eager to try out newcomers.  Windows RT is still a fledgling OS however and is lacking in the Real Time and Turn Based Strategy genres, thankfully Great Big War Game[$2.99] is here to satisfy that fix for us.  A sequel to the hit iOS and Android game Great Little War Game, Rubicon takes what made the old game so much fun to play and expands it into literally a great big game. [Read more...]