Surface 2 vs iPad Air!

I’ve managed to snag an iPad Air for review purposes and I put it through it’s paces against the Surface 2 in this video review.  Both devices are comparable and they are excellent devices.   Spoilers: I like both of the devices!  In the Benchmarks I run through Mozilla Kraken, Google Octane, Sunspider, and GLBenchmark T-Rex 2.7.  I also go through a large pdf on both devices and compare the built in map applications.


Surface 2 vs iPad Air with Benchmarks and Comparison!


iPad Air Unboxing and First Impressions!

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I'm a Mechanical Engineer, maker, mobile enthusiast, cyclist, hacker, gamer, and foodie who has been following the mobile product scene since the first Palm Pilots. I've been a chronic early adopter for well over a decade now and see a lot of potential for Windows RT.

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