How To Use a Stylus with your Surface Tablet

[HowTo] Using a Stylus on a Microsoft Surface Tablet with OneNote []

One of the unique feature sets of the Surface Pro is the inclusion of an active digitizer and a stylus to accompany it.  If you’ve purchased a Windows RT based device such as the Surface RT, or the Vivo Tab, you are out of luck if you want to use an active digitizer based stylus.  However there are alternatives and devices such as the iPad have popularized capacitive based styli.  The general performance of such capacitive stlyli is akin to writing with a  Crayon on your Surface’s screen, however it works for writing large text or making drawings.  Any fine detail you might want to write in or draw will be difficult at best with the generic capacitive styli. The stylus used in the video is a stylus and there are alternatives that supposedly offer better performance however.  One such Stylus is the Adonit Jot Pro which we will be testing shortly.

Please check out the review of the Jot Pro for a better stylus experience.

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    I’m using an Incipio Inscribe stylus with a Surface 2 and lines are so jagged when I write on OneNote. Did you do any tweaks in your Surface settings for your lines to be that straight? I’m getting something similar to the fourth reply in this discussion: answers(dot)microsoft(dot)com/en-us/surface/forum/surf2-surfdevice/stylus-terrible-on-surface-2/8e9c300c-4389-4491-86b7-0b098094f044. Thanks.