Dell Venue 8 Pro Review, Baytrail is here to fight ARM!

Dell delivers one of the best Tablets available period with the Dell Venue 8 Pro. The Venue 8 Pro is an 8″ Tablet with a beautiful 1280×800 IPS display running an Intel Baytrail Atom 3740D Processor. With performance that rivals the Surface 2, the ability to run full Windows 8.1 which includes any x86 application, incredible 10 hour battery life, and a 0.87lb(395g) weight, the Dell Venue 8 Pro is an exceptional value at an MSRP of $299. Deals are currently available that price that tablet at $259 even which make it almost a no brainer purchase.

With such impressive performance from the Baytrail processor in such an amazing package, you might begin to question why Windows RT even exists. As it stands, the Tegra 4 in the Surface 2′s main strength over the Baytrail processor is it’s superior graphics performance. Baytrail however offers competitive if not superior CPU performance along with the ability to run any x86 application desired! The 3740D in the Venue 8 Pro is not even the fastest Baytrail processor available, which is reserved for the larger sized Dell Venue 11 Pro. Of note is that the Toshiba Encore will feature the 3770 in an 8″ package, but only with 6 hours of battery life versus the 10 hours of the Venue 8 pro.

The future of Windows RT is on shaky grounds, Intel has delivered an exceptional CPU that pairs excellently with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 system. By proving that an x86 processor can work in an 8″ tablet, where does that leave ARM on Windows! With the next generation of the Atom processors coming out next year, will Microsoft abandon Windows RT completely?

Check out the Video Review of the Venue 8 Pro and a comparison between the Venue 8 Pro and the Surface 2 + Surface RT.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Review, Stylus, Benchmarks, Comparison, and Unboxing!

Surface 2 vs iPad Air!

I’ve managed to snag an iPad Air for review purposes and I put it through it’s paces against the Surface 2 in this video review.  Both devices are comparable and they are excellent devices.   Spoilers: I like both of the devices!  In the Benchmarks I run through Mozilla Kraken, Google Octane, Sunspider, and GLBenchmark T-Rex 2.7.  I also go through a large pdf on both devices and compare the built in map applications.


Surface 2 vs iPad Air with Benchmarks and Comparison!


iPad Air Unboxing and First Impressions!

Surface 2 vs Surface RT Benchmarks and Comparison!

After getting a hold of the Surface 2, I ran a set of benchmarks comparing it to the Surface RT.  The Surface 2 definitely surpasses the original RT tablet in almost all aspects.  Performance is more than twice as fast while the display improves significantly.  Check out the videos below:


Surface 2 vs Surface RT Comparison and Browser Benchmarks []


Surface 2 vs Surface RT Gaming Performance []


Surface 2 vs Surface RT T-Rex GLBenchmark and PC Benchmark []

Surface 2 is here! Watch the unboxing!

The Surface 2 is finally here and I’ve put up a video of it’s unboxing! The device looks awesome so far and the screen is gorgeous. I’m currently in the process of setting up the device and install apps, I’ll be doing a full head to head with the Surface RT 2 and Surface RT.

Surface 2 RT Unboxing!

Surface 2 vs Surface RT Benchmark comparison!

Spotted on reddit, user Daylife321 posted the following benchmark pictures from PC Benchmark running on both the Surface RT and Surface 2. The Tegra 4 really shines in the benchmarks. Important to note is a nearly 3x increase in single threaded performance and a 9x increase in RAM speed along with a near doubling of disk write/read performance.   Along with the 1080p display screen, the Surface 2 really fixes a lot of the problem areas of the original Surface RT.  Who else is excited for October 22nd?

Surface 2 Benchmark

Surface RT Benchmark

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